Payment methods

In you have available different payment methods as comfortably as possible. Our one-step purchase process will make it easier for you to register (you can do so with your facebook or google account if you wish, securely). Your data will not be used under any circumstances, unless you indicate it, to send you advertising or information about our company. Payment methods do not store information about any user, ITR Components we have Secure Payment Gateway.

• Payment by debit or credit card
You can make the purchase with any entity that wishes, credit or debit, this purchase process will take you to the page of our bank, La Caixa, in this way the data are not saved by ITR Components. La Caixa offers a secure payment gateway, which will prevent any fraud. If there are any inconveniences with your order (lack of stock or loss on the part of the agency), we will refund the amount of your order within a maximum period of 14 days.
Once the payment is made we will automatically send you an email confirming your order.
ITR Components reserves the right to refuse any purchase made through this process, returning the money automatically, if you are interested in continuing with the purchase, you can make it by bank transfer.
Please note that there is no additional charge for the customer when paying with a credit card.

• Bank Transfer
When making the payment by bank transfer you will receive an email with the necessary details to make the deposit and you will have it available in the purchase process. The shipment will be made once the transfer has been received, (24/48h working), the delivery time will be effective to paritr from there.
Do not forget to put the order or product number in the CONCEPT.
Our bank details are:
La Caixa: IBAN ES73 2100 1715 3602 0017 6785
Please note that there is no additional charge for the customer via bank transfer.

ITR Components has paid service through Pay Pal. You can select it during the purchase process, the acceptance of the payment will be made by Pay Pal in our Business account in a secure and encrypted way.
Payment via PAY PALa does not incur any additional costs for the customer.